Hot Tip: Schapelle Corby for Dancing with the Stars

EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight understands Schapelle Corby has signed on to appear in Seven’s Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.

Corby, who was convicted on drug smuggling in Indonesia, appeared on SAS: Australia for Seven last year.

After lasting just two episodes, she will now frock up for Seven’s dancing revival, with a mix of former stars and new ‘wildcards.’

TV Tonight also hears whispers the following personalities are set to appear:

  • Luke Jacobz: actor / presenter, Winner Season 8
  • Lincoln Lewis: actor 5th Place Season 9
  • Bec Hewitt: actor, Winner Season 1.
  • Renee Bargh: presenter (DWTS backstage host USA)

Erin McNaught, already leaked by the Daily Telegraph, is also taking to the dance floor.

So far Seven has only confirmed the return of:

  • Ada Nicodemou: actor, Winner Season 3
  • Tom Williams: presenter, Winner Season 2
  • Fifi Box: presenter, Runner-Up Season 6

The series will shoot at the ICC in Sydney in March, to screen as a 2 week event in coming months.

Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger are tipped to reunite as hosts.

Seven declined to comment.

Update: Schapelle Corby is now confirmed.


  1. jezza the first original one

    I think this is a great idea. However it would be better if the whole cast were also notorious convicts and then the series could be tagged that way.

  2. I was really excited about this seeing Fifi , Ada and Tom back. I don’t even mind the past contestants and gee if they could have got Chris Hemsworth back that would have been a massive bonus.

    But now all the same people seem to be popping up on shows who are not celebrities. I have no interest in former mafs, bachelor or influencer stars on my tv.

    • There would be no chance that Chris Hemsworth would come back – I think he deeply regrets doing DWTS and from memory it nearly cost him the role of Thor. Not to mention his fees would be astronomical and he’s currently filming Thor anyway

  3. Well i’m out. I was actually going to watch this because i’ve heard rumours of who might be on it and now they do this. Good work Channel 7, you ruin your all stars series with a criminal. She should not be on a show like this, period.

  4. I’m extremely concerned about this. I thought Australia had a law about criminals profiting from their crime? Isn’t that what Corby’s character? I’m not having a go at Corby herself, but this is pretty unimpressive

    • The Things I've Seen.

      Now, I might be completely wrong, but my understanding on this is that as she wouldn’t be talking about her conviction it’s okay for her to do something like this as it would fall under the idea of being work. The issue comes if she had a tell all interview which she got paid for. So if she went to say Sunrise and spoke about her imprisonment, then she couldn’t/shouldn’t be paid. But if she was on as part of the contract for a contestant on DWTS and spoke only about her time on the show, then she could still be paid. It’s basically so someone can still make a living, whether or not on national television, that’s another issue.

  5. I tried to give Corby a chance with SAS Australia but the fact that she quit so early made me lose the tiny glimmer of sympathy or hope that she might actually be a stronger person.

  6. The only think worse than Sonia Kruger appearing on another TV show this year is Daryl Somers returning to host it, but that’s nothing compared to a convicted drug trafficker appearing on the show. What an absolute joke. Pity Ivan Mulat died he could’ve been a judge. Maybe George Pell could be a judge,

  7. The sad part of it is that her much publicised appearance, only to exit on episode 2) of SAS Australia last October won Channel 7 the timeslot beating The Block. (see TV Tonight search engine).

    The current Channel 7 management have no morals when it comes to ratings –
    Given the opportunity they would have put Ivan Milat on First Dates.

  8. This is why I automatically avoid anything with “celebrity” or “stars” in the title. How on earth can 7 describe Corby as a “celebrity” or a “star”?

  9. So much for Proceeds of Crime laws. Without her crimes, she would just be another nobody. She Should not be getting making a profit out of this, disgusting effort Ch 7. Shame on you.

  10. Hard pass. We might joke about D-list “stars” on these shows but her claim to fame is literally being a convicted drug smuggler. The bar is on the floor.

  11. Hmmmmm does her casting not defeat the purpose of “all stars” otherwise it’s just another “Dancing with the Stars” by labelling it all stars it should be reserved for prior contestants.

  12. No way. Consign it to the dust bin like many of their “hot” shows. If it’s not live, I’m certainly not interested. Don’t even get me started on Corby. She’s not a star. She’s an idiot drug smuggler who got caught.

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