Rumour: Daryl Somers for Dancing with the Stars return

The tom-tom drums are beating that Daryl Somers is poised to return to Dancing with the Stars.

Seven will film Dancing with the Stars: All Stars at ICC Sydney in March with five former winners, plus high achievers, and a few wildcards. It will now run as a two week event in coming months.

Confirmed is Home & Away star Ada Nicodemou with her original dance partner Aric Yegudkin plus 2007 Runner Up Fifi Box.

Quizzed on the question of hosts, programmer Angus Ross recently told TV Tonight, “It’d be great to get the old gang back together…”

Daryl Somers hosted DWTS with Sonia Kruger to blockbuster ratings on Seven from 2004 – 2007, followed by hosts Daniel MacPherson, Edwina Bartholomew, Mel B. and Shane Bourne.

Watch this space….



  1. For someone who made a career in live television, Daryl really struggles with it. He never knows where people should stand and is always flustered when put on the spot. Someone like Larry Emdur can do this job in his sleep.

  2. Am i the only one who doesn’t find Daryl Somers irritating? I know times have changed, but ratings were good when he hosted DWTS. He should host the “All-Stars” edition only, then the normal season if that goes ahead, should go to someone new.

  3. If its Daryl Channel 9 will just show him something shiny and sparking along with a Hey Hey revival and he will be gone like a shot. Just like last time if my memory serves. Larry would be great, he has empathy without being over the top.

  4. Always gave me a headache, the way he gets so easily distracted and doesn’t finish sentences. Hope this isnt true. Larry & Kylie would be good hosts, they are both ex-contestants and very under-utilised by 7.

  5. I for one will be amazed if this rumour comes true. Having being involved on the first few series, I’m not sure I could believe Daryl would return to this role.
    For mine, the person who would be perfect for this revival is someone who filled in for Daryl and is already a part of the Seven stable – the slick, quick-witted and very professional, Larry Emdur. Larry was amazing the night he hosted DWTS.

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