Rumour: Magda Szubanski for The Weakest Link?

Next game show host may not be TV's nastiest but she's certainly a drawcard.

Here’s a rumour I never expected to be filing…

Further to the chatter of The Weakest Link coming to Nine is a whisper that Magda Szubanski could be a contender as host.

That would be quite a switch from the late Cornelia Frances who perfectly presented as a stern, head-mistress like character.

By contrast, Magda is embraced with much affection (unless she is about to channel a Fast Forward character!).

No doubt she could take on the role with a twinkle in her eye, which has proven hugely successful for Tom Gleeson on Hard Quiz. And while 2006’s clip show Magda’s Funny Bits may not have set the world on fire, The Weakest Link is a tried and true format.

So tried and true it is currently rebooted in the US with Glee‘s Jane Lynch.

Nine is yet to comment on queries about a faux casting notice Quizical, which is to be filmed in Melbourne by BBC Studios Australia.

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  1. Not my choice but i mean you can’t judge until you see it i suppose but then i don’t see many aussies that could fill that role. Sometimes you think people aren’t right for the role and watch it and they’re perfect but yeah like others have said, i just don’t see it. Its better than Eddie or Grant or Sonia though lol but i think we need someone who is stern. Maybe they could find someone unknown? That has worked before. If it wasn’t on Channel 9 i’d say try to get Anne Hegerty. She’d be fun. I kind of miss her on the Aussie Chase.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this, as people have said, she can be serious but she is known for being funny. Perhaps she could have some fun playing around doing a ‘good cop, bad cop’ type character all rolled into one.
    Or they could get Anne Hegerty from the Chaser, she would be the perfect ‘meanie’ character for it.

  3. Whilst I love Magda this would be a terrible choice. Honestly I think the weakest link is Cornelia Frances‘ legacy, no one could do it better.

    That being said, if it is to have a reboot the host would have to be someone who could do it justice and that isn’t Magda.

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