Airdate: Finding Alice

Keeley Hawes portrays a woman's comic journey of grief, love & life after the death of her partner.

New UK drama, Finding Alice with Keeley Hawes and Joanna Lumley is coming to ABC.

The six-part drama focuses on Alice’s honest, raw, blackly comic journey of grief, love and life after the death of her partner Harry.

This aired in the UK in January and has been renewed for a second season.

BAFTA-nominated Hawes (Honour, The Durrells, Bodyguard, Line of Duty) plays the role of Alice, and is joined by a star-studded cast including Joanna Lumley (Gangster Granny, Absolutely Fabulous) and Nigel Havers (Benidorm, Coronation Street) as Alice’s parents Sarah and Roger, and Jason Merrells (Agatha Raisin, Safe House) as her partner Harry.

The series also stars Gemma Jones (Gentleman Jack, Unforgotten) and Kenneth Cranham (Hatton Garden, Bancroft) as Minnie and Gerry, Alice’s in-laws. Alongside the core cast is Isabella Pappas (Paranoid) as Alice and Harry’s 16-year-old daughter Charlotte, Sharon Rooney (The Capture, No Offence) as Harry’s sister Nicola, and Rhashan Stone (Keeping Faith, Agatha Raisin) as mortuary worker Nathan Johnston.

Production credits: Created by Roger Goldby, Keeley Hawes and Simon Nye. Written by Roger Goldby and Simon Nye. Directed by Roger Goldby. Produced by RED

Production Company (a STUDIOCANAL company) in association with Bright Pictures TV, Buddy Club Productions and Genial Productions.

8:30pm Saturday April 3 on ABC.

6 Responses

  1. Was it even a cliffhanger? Was refreshing to have a new ITV series which wasn’t the usual crime drama but this ultimately was a wasted six hours in which not only were questioned never really answered, they weren’t even asked in the first place. The only thing it had going for it was Joanna Lumley.

    Keeley Hawes clearly used up all her acting skills in the It’s a Sin finale as she just didn’t need them here.

  2. Have to agree, pretty average series from the normally brilliant Keeley Hawes,I stuck with it but my wife gave up half way through the 3rd episode

  3. If anyone is considering watching this I’d recommend you wait 2 years. The premise is quite good but the writing is quite poor. It doesn’t know if it wants to be a comedy or a drama and fails miserably in both. Also the season finale ends in a cliffhanger and season 2 is not planned to go into production til 2022. I felt really let down.

  4. Watched this. Ultimately it will be for others to watch and decide, but for me – Like Keely – the premise was good – started well – but never took off, and I felt let down with the ending.

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