Bachelor “not the easiest” show to cast

10 reveals why one show on the network slate is notoriously hard to cast diversely.

Pilot Jimmy Nicholson, 31, was announced as 2021’s Bachelor for 10 last week, bringing some much-needed diversity to the long-running reality show.

Nicholson is of New Zealand and Fijian heritage, and follows from 2014’s Blake Garvey having African-American heritage.

But while 10 shows are frequently lauded for their on screen diversity, The Bachelor represents one franchise which has been sluggish in casting with a wide lens.

Bachelor is certainly not the easiest show to cast,” Beverley McGarvey, Chief Content Officer & EVP, ViacomCBS Australia & New Zealand tells TV Tonight.

“It’s a particular type of show, and there are certain cultural groups that don’t want to be part of that. That is absolutely fine and it is disrespectful of us to try and encourage particular groups to be part of something they don’t want to be part of.

“This year’s cast are a great mix of young ladies from a range of backgrounds. It’s obviously not as representative as a show like MasterChef or perhaps even Survivor or Amazing Race. But we have worked very hard to cast the right show, and also ensure that the cast is representative of the audience that will be watching it.”

Other reality shows such as The Block have also spoken about how some franchises, such as food and talent shows, attract a wider range of diverse applicants.

Filming is now underway in Sydney on the 9th Bachelor season, with single ladies meeting their man for the first time last week. McGarvey is optimistic about what’s in store for Jimmy Nicholson and viewers alike.

“I’m always looking for that ‘fairytale ending’ and he really wants to meet a girl and settle down. He’s the right kind of age. We started filming last (week), and it’s gone really well,” she said.

“We’re really excited about him as a Bachelor, because getting that authentic love story is the end game of Bachelor. You get drama, fun and all of that stuff on the way through, but at the beginning and at the end it’s a fairytale.

“Those great stories that we’ve had in the past -Sam & Snezana, Matty J. & Laura- we want every year. Hopefully, Jimmy will find his happy ending, which I would be thrilled about.”

Bachelor returns to 10 later this year.

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  1. Of course you’re not going to get as many POC applicants if there is not a perceived chance of success. I’m glad they’re making the effort, though. If you can see it, you can be it – hopefully this helps widen the field going forward.

  2. Thank god someone new, i might actually give it a go this year i skipped both bachy and bachelorette last year due to their shocking choices.

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