Kamahl: “I didn’t take any of it personally… but of course it hurt.”

Kamahl was interviewed on Studio 10, discussing his Hey Hey it's Saturday appearances.

Kamahl was interviewed on Studio 10 this morning around claims of racism during former Hey Hey it’s Saturday appearances.

Whilst conceding “of course it hurt” he has acknowledged appearances were a choice he made to promote his music, and that he didn’t bear any grudges personally against Daryl Somers.

He attributed the behaviour to tall poppy syndrome and says he has received an outpouring of emotion recently.

“Please be kind,” he said. “Kindness is kingliness.”

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    1. The Kamahl clips do not age well at all. However some stuff is out of context. For instance when kids are performing on Red Faces it implies there is a crew member leering in the wings. No. He is the producer of the segment, he booked the acts, watched every act from the wings and cued the next act to perform. Grossly unfair.

    1. A world of difference. Feeding into racial predjudice can’t compare to ribbing a white male in a predominantly white society. As a comparison there’s also the treatment of Molly Meldrum to consider – also a white male but with the marginilsation of homosexuality as the basis of the ‘comedy’. Hey Hey went for the easy targets. John Blackman was the main offender. There’s really nothing to defend.

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