MAFS tops Dancing with the Stars return, but Seven lifts.

Ratings: DWTS puts Seven back in the game, but not enough to stop MAFS. 60 Mins hits a 2021 high.

OzTAM survey ratings resumed last night and honours went to Nine but Seven made things a two horse race.

Married at First Sight proved unstoppable last night, reigning at #1 with 1.13m metro viewers.

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars debuted at 744,000 for Seven -a big lift on recent Sundays- then Grand Designs NZ (333,000 to be recoded as a Royals special) leaving The Graham Norton Show at a disastrous 174,000 and Lost Temple of the Inca at 161,000 on SBS.

Later a high profile 60 Minutes drew 830,000 viewers, its best numbers all year, then Harrow finale (428,000), Australian Crime Stories (400,000), Crime Investigation Australia (328,000) and Silent Witness (248,000).

Nine network convincingly won Sunday with 36.0% then Seven 28.7%, ABC 13.9%, 10 13.2% and SBS 8.2%.

Nine News drew 1.02m for Nine.

Seven News won its slot at 1.09m. Declassified: The Royal Scandals was 169,000 later.

ABC News was 543,000 for ABC. Compass drew 115,000.

The Sunday Project (325,000 / 280,000) was best for 10. 10 News First was 290,000 / 253,000. Numbers for a royal documentary were not updated, but coded as  FBI: Most Wanted (155,000 / 117,000).

On SBS it was Hindenburg: New Evidence (216,000), SBS World News (178,000 / 155,000) and a replay of Sydney’s Super Tunnel (94,000).

NCIS led multichannels at 149,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 11 April 2021

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  1. Honesty ,someone at Ten really thought the world needed another Prince Philip documentary ?
    Shows the shallowness of the programming gene pool over there doesn’t it ?
    I’m really embarrassed for them to be honest if this is the best they can do …

  2. When Daryl asked Chapelle after her dance if she was ‘puffed’ I fell down laughing. So good. Thank you 2021 and Mr Summers. That aside, I find her to be very intriguing and reflective in her interviews both last night and on SAS Australia.

  3. T he SBS Hindenburg doco was quite good-no nonsense and fact based with both practical experiments and recreations-and no Knights Templar involved whatsoever! Moderately decent ratings numbers as well.

      1. Schapelle Corby fits in well with most of Sunday night’s viewing on the commercial stations – crime night.

        Except that with the other shows, the criminal is not glorified.

  4. Is it possible to find out if the ratings dropped when Schapelle Corby did her dance? A lot of people refused to watch her and I know that I personally switched over to Channel 10 for the 5-10 minutes that she was on.

  5. DWTS was enjoyable but definitely not a must watch. I think two weeks is the right amount of time for it this time.

    Out of the dancers that performed last night, Fifi was the right choice to send home.

  6. Would Seven really (deep down) be happy with last night’s numbers? Nine’s shares, margin and Married ratings still looked as recent weeks, sky high!

    In retrospect, probably would’ve been smarter to wait for Married to be finished, but I guess they and advertisers couldn’t wait any longer and last night was their best since I’m guessing first week of Holey Moley? But still.

  7. Seven must be pleased with those numbers. Pre recorded it was a pretty slick production which may now provide more realistic eliminations. Everyone was a bit nervous to start, but they soon settled in and should get even better from now on. Still not sure if I can call Ms Kirby a “star”.

      1. Hardly. I would have watched FBI but not another Prince Philip obit. Two are enough and it was a week late anyway. Like many others I went to NCIS on Bold. 7 & 9 didn’t attract me. As for the theory about age. I’m 77.

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