Returning: Lego Masters

Nine adjusts its plans and bring Lego forward to next Monday night -one night ahead of MasterChef.

Nine’s Lego Masters will launch next Monday April 19, one night ahead of 10’s MasterChef Australia on Tuesday.

This is a switch by Nine which had previously scheduled a MAFS Reunion. (Part 1 is now Wed. 7:30pm / Pt 2 7pm Sunday. Travel Guides is currently out).

It is season 3 for the series with Hamish Blake and Ryan “Brickman” McNaught” filmed in Melbourne as it was emerging from lockdown (and completed earlier this year).

By the time Big Brother joins the fight a week later, there will be 3 x Endemol Shine Australia shows going head to head, which is probably a first…. and enough to dismay smaller production houses wanting to get content into primetime.

Maybe the best ESA show win?

This year get set for exciting new challenges, such as the tricky race where our teams must create a Lego vehicle that can run on a purpose-built track, with a difference – there are no wheels in the Brick Pit! We present a Marvel challenge where teams are asked to build a moment of impact set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And our teams create out-of-this-world castles only to see them destroyed by a hurling bowling ball.

Plus, we introduce two new bricks into the mix, both with special powers. The Platinum Brick will help teams gain an advantage and comes with its own twist, and the freshly minted Brick of Doom will come with a curse to send a shudder through the competition.

Brimming with imagination, creativity and Lego knowledge, eight teams in pairs will put all their construction skills to the competitive test and build some of the most incredible designs we’ve ever seen.

These teams will compete in different challenges in each episode as they show off their unique skillsets to surprise and impress our host, Hamish Blake, and the judge, Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Along the way they will face elimination as they compete for the chance to win $100,000.

The eight teams comprise a diverse cast of contestants, all with different skills, ideas and personalities, including a young couple, best mates and a hilarious pair of mothers. Lego Masters Australia will push them to their creative limits with builds of different themes and sizes, and challenges that must be seen to be believed.

In each round, the teams will be out to earn acclaim for their models from Hamish and Ryan as they strive to qualify for the Grand Final. That’s where the last three surviving pairs will work on an epic final build, with a room full of Lego fans choosing the winning team.

The Brick Pit is the ultimate Lego dream room. This year we have a whopping 3.2 million bricks for the teams to rip apart in making their dazzling builds. There is a brick, plate, tile and Minifigure for every challenge thrown at them.

Lego Masters proved to be a huge hit with families around Australia for its first two seasons and this season promises to wow them again. Fans of the show will love the amazing new builds the teams create and the fun and surprising challenges ahead of them.

Lego Masters comes from producers Endemol Shine Australia. The series is adapted from an original UK format from Tuesday’s Child Productions and The Lego Group.

7:30pm Monday April 19 on Nine.


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