Shooting near The Rookie set

Shots were fired on the scene of a Los Angeles location for cop drama The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion, disrupting production and sending actual police flooding into the area.

LA police reported that all suspects were gone by the time they arrived but they were still actively canvassing the area.

Deadline cites conflicting reports as to whether the incident happened on or close to the set of the show. Eyewitnesses say that they heard three gunshots hit the building above where crew members were working. Other sources say that the shots were fired about a block from the set.

No one from the show was hurt in the shooting. The Rookie team, currently filming a third season, left the area after the incident.

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  1. The Rookie’s producers would like a five season run I’m sure, but with the political activism as it is in parts of America US Police dramas are going to have more than a few headaches making these Police Procedure shows.
    I liked SE01 but have not watched it since as it was becoming formulaic, also the title ‘The Rookie’ probably shouldn’t apply anymore for John Nolan, especially in SE03.

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