US drama La Brea to film in Melbourne

Exclusive: Victoria has secured upcoming US drama La Brea, which centres around a sinkhole opening up in California separating mother and son from father and daughter.

The drama is being filmed for NBC. Bay Street Port Melbourne (pictured) will double for scenes of a sinkhole opening up in California.

When a massive sinkhole mysteriously opens in Los Angeles, it tears a family in half, separating mother and son from father and daughter. When part of the family find themselves in an unexplainable primeval world, alongside a disparate group of strangers, they must work to survive and uncover the mystery of where they are, and if there is a way back home.

The series from writer David Appelbaum (The Enemy Within, The Mentalist, NCIS: New Orleans) is produced by LAB Productions and was previously announced as featuring Jon Seda (Chicago Fire), Michael Raymond-James (Billions) and Natalie Zea (The Unicorn, The Detour).

Filming in Melbourne will take place from late April to late September.


  1. Are they going to digitally erase the overhead power lines? Most US cities have eliminated those ugly eyesores and have underground cabling instead.

  2. I am reminded of what Ava Gardner is reported to have said of filming ‘On The Beach’ in Melbourne in the late ’50s…this sounds like the worst features of a number of previous shows-could even rival ‘Under The Dome’!

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