Airdate: China Tonight

ABC’s International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant will host China Tonight, a 6-part series on China – the superpower, its history and its people – in the lead up to the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

The series will have guest contributors bringing insights of life in China, from video gaming to the falling birth- rate; geo-political drum beating and the raging war of words over Xinjiang.

Production Credits: Reporter – Stan Grant; EP – Annie White; Producers include Yvonne Yong and Michael Hing.

8.00pm on ABC News Tuesday June 1 repeated 10.30pm on ABC


  1. Unfortunately Stan Grant so called Chinese expert not exactly the one we expect. He still looking into China from Western old point of views. Trade talks trade talks and China is still one of the big economy etc. Does he dare to report how corrupted CCP officials sending money overseas etc? CCP committed so many crimes against humanity and did Stan call it out on our TV yet? Probably not and will never. If you want to know what real China and CCP is all about, check out Chinese YouTubers from around the world instead and be your own judges.

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