Anne Hegerty isolating before The Chase

The Chase Governess is in hotel quarantine in Sydney... and loving it.

The Chase ‘Governess’ is currently isolating in a Sydney hotel ahead of resuming production for Seven.

Anne Hegerty appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday via zoom telling the hosts she was loving the solitude.

“I really like just sitting in a room with nobody requiring me to do anything. I’m very, very good at doing that,” she revealed.

On social media she also had a blunt message for those questioning her work visa.

The Chase is filming with new host Larry Emdur, while Seven is yet to renew Beat the Chasers.

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  1. I think I read recently a casting callout for Beat The Chasers. It will be good to see Anne back on The Chase. If stars of other TV shows have been let into the country, I don’t see why she shouldn’t be.

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