Axed: The Circle (UK)

Breakout UK reality show has been surprisingly axed after three seasons.


Breakout UK reality show The Circle has been surprisingly axed by Channel 4 after three seasons.

The Circle has been a huge hit for young audiences and has grown successively over three seasons on Channel 4, consistently outperforming slot averages,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

“We’re incredibly proud to have worked with Studio Lambert North and Motion Content Group to invest in such an innovative show and to have given it a springboard for its international format success.

“In much the same way as when we originally commissioned The Circle, Channel 4 has a responsibility to continually look at how we reinvent and create space for new ideas, and so we have decided not to commission the show for a fourth season.

“We’d like to thank Studio Lambert, Motion and all those involved for The Circle‘s huge success over the last three series.”

Emma Willis hosts the series in which participants communicate only via a social media platform. Not meeting face-to-face, they can play as anyone they wish – “anyone can be anyone in The Circle”.

It’s not clear if the show may continue with another broadcaster or Netflix, which screens the US edition.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Woah! Did not see this coming. It was so unique in the reality tv landscape. Surely other broadcasters will be scrambling to pick this one up. Also, whilst we are at it, we need an Australian series.

  2. If you haven’t watched the US version, currently I’m half way through season 2, it’s a great show and gets you hooked. Haven’t seen the UK, French or South American ones but if there were an Australia one – Sign me Up!

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