Binge, Kayo, Foxtel hit with tech problems due to “unprecedented numbers”

Foxtel Group apps interrupted due to “unprecedented numbers of users joining Kayo" during Vic lockdown.

Viewers of Kayo, Binge and Foxtel Go / Foxtel Now were subjected to technical difficulties tonight.

This led to many viewers on apps unable to watch Live / Streaming content, unfortunately timed during a 7 Day Victorian Lockdown.

A Kayo spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “We have had unprecedented numbers of users joining Kayo this evening on the back of the lockdown in Victoria which has impacted some users joining both Kayo and Binge this evening.

“We have made technology adjustments to support the very high levels of demand and services are now operating normally.

“We apologise to customers affected for the inconvenience. We are adjusting weekend capacity planning in the current circumstances to avoid the issue being repeated.”

The downtime was believed to be around 3 hours.

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  1. I was planning on watching West Coast V Essendon but Foxtel Now fell in a heap about 30 minutes beforehand and only came back in the last quarter. Ended up watching Gold Coast V Hawthorn on 7mate in glorious SD with commercials. Thankfully radio streaming still worked so I could listen to the radio commentary.

  2. The outage even impacted those who had active Kayo accounts too. I was just about to watch the NRL when my Telstra TV was not identified as having a registered subscription, even though I had been watching the NRL throughout the afternoon successfully.

    1. I was streaming Friends Reunion and the first half was fine, but the second half had issues. I guessed it was fockstel as my other streaming services and 250mbps on wifi were fine/should have been ample.

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