Casting underway for Celebrity Gogglebox

Tim Campbell & Anthony Callea are on Foxtel's wishlist for Celebrity Gogglebox.

Casting is now underway for Celebrity Gogglebox.

Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh has told TV Reload podcast, “I’m happy to share with you that we will be doing a celebrity edition of Gogglebox in an upcoming season.

“We’re having a lot of fun casting that.”

Walsh first teased the celebrity version in December.

When asked if Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell might be considered he replied, “Yes, Anthony and Tim are absolutely on our whiteboard for Celebrity Gogglebox.”

Last year 10 screened Celebrity Gogglebox USA, which was shot during COVID lockdown, but several of the cast were unknown to Australian viewers. Celebrity Watch Party, as it is known stateside, is yet to be renewed.

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  1. A family member was telling us today at Mother’s Day lunch how she went to see Anthony last night at Crown his show, apparently he was so good. I personally look out for his songs during Carols each year, breathtaking.

    Apparently he was really funny too, his usual shtick and wit, even off beat comments about how he has all these new costumes and how he doesn’t want to sweat and showed audience these pads under his arms and things like that.

    Also his husband Tim Campbell, when Anthony would go back stage to change or what not, would come out and do his own routine- apparently even funnier 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to this! I’d like to see Anthony & Tim on the show, they were great entertainment during our national lockdown and I think they’d add heaps to the show. I really hope the producers are scouting & casting actual well-known, commonly liked celebrities, instead of Instagram influencers, TikTok stars and YouTube vloggers, something I’m A Celeb has struggled with recently…

  3. There’s a few celebrity couples I’d love to see on this, but I guess it all depends on whether they are contracted to other Networks. Denise Scott and hubbie John would be great, as would Kath and Kel ( or Kim). I’m sure it will be well cast, and a lot of fun.

    1. That could be its own thing separate to the Celebrity version but with fictitious characters. Maybe throw in some of the Comedy Company crew, Hey Hey characters, Agro (and his companions?), Kath and Kim, Glenn Robbins (as both Kel and Russell Coight) and maybe some characters from current shows with the actors in character, and you’ve got yourself a show. Jane Kennedy and/or Rob Sitch can also present news segments as their characters from Frontline (in lieu of a reboot).

      They can chuck in Bluey while they’re at it too.

      But such a show must be available for purchase/streaming though. It would be a shame for such a show to only be a one-off like the main Gogglebox series.

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