Farmer sent to 2 yrs prison over child abuse material

Former Farmer Wants A Wife participant Matthew Eric Goyder has been convicted on possessing and sharing child sex abuse images and videos.

Goyder, who appeared on the show when it screened on Nine in 2016, was arrested last year after chatting to an undercover police officer and sending two videos.

Police later seized a hard drive and laptop containing more than 4000 images and videos of children being abused.

Judge Karen Shepherd said the material overall was of “the utmost depravity and which depicts serious sexual abuse of children”.

In his letter to the court, Goyder said he took full responsibility for his actions and that he was “totally appalled and deeply ashamed” for what he had done.

The court heard Goyder also had mental health issues and had suffered a hypoxic brain injury in 2019.

Judge Shepherd noted Goyder had taken steps to rehabilitate himself and had “already been punished to a point” by the media attention on the case.

He was sentenced to two years in prison and must serve at least half the term before he can be eligible for parole.



  1. I’m surprised at the hard line taken by the judge in this case. I don’t think he should been sent to jail as the court heard there were extenuating circumstances. He had mental health issues, the case received wide and unsympathetic publicity and he was remorseful. I think the courts are too harsh in cases like this and I don’t think jail is a proper place to send such people.

  2. I can’t say I am at all sympathetic to these kinds of people. I understand that people have their demons, but to indulge these vices shows nothing by malice in their intentions rather than being adults and suppressing that which is irreparably harmful to the countless innocent children that have been abused in among the most horrific of ways.

    No amount of “rehabilitation” will undo the harm of what has been done to those poor children or remove the images that the “grown-ups” in the situation have filled their heads with. I am also sympathetic to our public servants who endure such imagery as part of their duty.

    Considering the quantity of material that was seized, it is a joke that he is able to walk free after only 2 years. No wonder victims are reluctant to come forward and endure the demoralisation of due process when it culminates in such insulting outcomes.

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