Former Block contestant released after charges dropped

2015 Block contestant Suzi Taylor, who has attracted numerous headlines around conduct, will be released from custody after more than 70 charges against her were dropped.

Taylor pleaded guilty almost 30 charges, including possessing small amounts of cocaine and cannabis.

Last month, the District Court cleared Taylor on more serious extortion charges, deprivation of liberty, fraud and assault after she was accused of attacking a man at her apartment in October 2019.

Dozens of charges were dropped in Brisbane Magistrates Court today, with the prosecutor offering no evidence on more than 70 offences.

She has already spent some 202 days in custody with more than a month in solitary confinement, the court was told.

Lawyer Michael Gatenby said Taylor was set up by Channel Nine while on bail in what he described as an “outrageous stitch-up” that led to assault charges for which she escaped punishment.

“My client was portrayed as a piece of trash,” Gatenby said.

“She was vilified and crucified in an outrageous stitch-up, and all contributed … she has gone downhill rapidly.”

Gatenby added Taylor had “significant mental health issues” including seizures, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney said her story was a sad one.

“There has been a real deterioration of your position and mental health,” he said.

“When one really drills down to it, while there are a lot of charges … the charges each and of themselves do not reach a high level of seriousness.… apart from unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

“You will be released today because you have things in place, particularly to deal with your mental health … I urge you to do so, otherwise this cycle will continue.

“If you hadn’t done 202 days [in custody], it may well have been a suspended sentence or community service … good luck.”

Source: Seven News, The Age

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