Friday Flashback: Battle of the Choirs

Back in 2008 Kochie hosted a talent quest in which community choirs hit primetime TV.

Back in 2008 Kochie hosted a talent quest Battle of the Choirs, in which community choirs hit primetime TV with their best vocal dexterity.

Here, with a little help from Kylie impersonator Lucy Holmes, is a very Minogue medley.

The series ran for 1 season on Seven with judges Jonathon Welch, Iva Davies, Charli Delaney, and George Torbay.

The University of Newcastle Chamber Choir won $100,000 and a recording deal with Universal Music (which may have been a tad ambitious).

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  1. What is it with Seven and these kind of singing things ?
    Battle of the Choirs … It Takes Two …All Together Now ..Little Big Shots …The Real Dirty Dancing …and the pinnacle excitement of Dance Boss ( or was that really the nadir of the genre )?
    Whatever , I guess the success of Battle of the Choirs is summed up by just two words – ‘ One Season.”Same with most of the others above…

  2. Love it ! Strangely I don’t remember this one? Do we know which group is the University of Newcastle Chamber Choir? My favourites on this performance are the last act ! Friday Flashback is quickly becoming the most enjoyable post of the week for me.

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