Pitch your TV idea to Talpa

If you have ever had a TV format you wanted to pitch to the world, now you have a chance...

If you have ever had a TV format you wanted to pitch to the world, now you have a chance…

Dutch production company Talpa, producers of The Voice, Dating in the Dark, Battle of the Choirs and more, has an online initiative for new TV formats -open only for those in The Netherlands and Australia.

“Do you think you’ve come up with the next big TV hit? Do you think you can present your idea convincingly to us? We would like to invite you to submit your idea and then collaborate with our creative team to turn it into a reality,” Talpa Content’s Pitch Site asks.

It’s not often that pitch invitations are extended to members of the public. Shine was on the hunt for ideas in April 2011, and ELEVEN was after The Next Big Thing in September 2010 and ABC3 in August 2009.

Former Foxtel executive Alex Ristevski is heading up Talpa’s search in Australia.

“Whether you’re a writer, producer or just an arm chair expert we are keen to hear from you,” he told TV Tonight.

“Any idea that has the potential to be turned into an international TV format.

“This can be in any genre: reality (competition or constructed), infotainment, entertainment (including panel, dating, and talent shows) and of course game shows.

“Comedy is also included but more in terms of a hidden camera, prank, talent or reality show and not so much as a sitcom. No scripted formats at this stage.”

The Pitch is for formats that can work internationally, with a view to being tested first in the Dutch market.

The online site asks you to describe your show in 50 words or less.

For copyright and clearance reasons, there are Terms and Conditions you must agree to, including knowing the difference between submitting an idea and submitting a format.

But if you hit on the right idea, creating a TV format can be very lucrative. Just ask Survivor’s Charlie Parsons, who nets $1m an episode -and that show is now in its 25th season!

You can submit your ideas here.

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