MasterChef contestant isolates after COVID hotspot

MasterChef Australia contestant Brent Draper has been forced to sit out of this week’s reality competition.

“Unfortunately Brent has been exposed to a COVID hot spot and as a result has to quarantine until he returns for Sunday’s elimination,” Melissa Leong told contestants last night.

“That means, he avoids tomorrow’s pressure test.

“To make it fair for everyone, Brent must compete in next week’s pressure test no matter what. And, if he survives that, he will continue on in the competition as usual.

“What strange times we live in…”

It isn’t clear if Draper, a 31 year old boilermaker from Queensland, was caught up in a hotspot in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

10’s series began filming late last year.


  1. What we don’t see are production breaks, so as mentioned above, may have gone home over Christmas.
    I remember reading this with biggest loser. They would return in January and that’s why sometimes on the scales you see huge differences because it’s actually been way more than a week between weigh ins.

  2. I think Brent might have been exposed to a COVID hot spot during the Christmas break. There was an outbreak at Sydney’s Northern Beaches region in December 2020 which then spread to Melbourne later that month.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Don’t they all live together in a big house for the duration of the series? They used to. One of the things I miss is seeing them getting ready & leaving to go to the challenge & all waiting at the end to see who got eliminated.

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