Nine News Adelaide breaks 13 year run

Nine News 6pm claims their first week over Seven Adelaide in 13 years ...15 incl. survey.

Nine News 6pm Adelaide has claimed its first weekly win over Seven News in 13 years (and 15 years in survey).

Nine averaged 104,000 viewers for the 6pm bulletin over Seven’s 101,000 -their first week in nearly 600 weeks. It also claimed the 25-54 demo.

Nine News: 6pm / 6:30pm
Mon 121,000 / 112,000
Tue 107,000 / 93,000
Wed 114,000 / 96,000
Thu 88,000 / 73,000
Fri 91,000 / 86,000
Total: 521,000 / 460,000
Average 104,000 / 92,000

Seven News: 6pm / 6:30pm
Mon 112,000 / 105,000
Tue 106,000 / 101,000
Wed 92,000 / 94,000
Thu 98,000 / 92,000
Fri 96,000 / 85,000
Total 504,000 / 477,000
Average 101,000 / 95,000

If both half hour blocks were added together then both average 196,000 viewers -but that’s not the standard networks use since they deliberately coded separately.

It follows 10 News First axing local newsreaders and relocating its presentation to Melbourne, and Seven News temporarily moving an afternoon bulletin to Melbourne during COVID restrictions -it was later restored. Seven also cut its Adelaide-based publicist in late 2019.

Nine also shifted Hot Seat to 4pm, allowing for a local 5pm bulletin presented by Will McDonald. Seven runs The Chase in the same slot.

Nine’s Afternoon News:  5 – 6pm
Mon: 51,000
Tues: 44,000
Wed: 45,000
Thu: 48,000
Fri: 47,000

The Chase: 5pm / 5:30pm
Mon: 24,000 / 49,000
Tues: 39,000 / 64,000
Wed: 28,000 / 51,000
Thu: 24,000 / 42,000
Fri: 24,000 / 49,000

10 News First 5 – 6pm
Mon: 26,000
Tues: 24,000
Wed: 26,000
Thu: 29,000
Fri: 18,000

Nine News Adelaide News Director, Jeremy Pudney said: “The 9 News Adelaide team is honoured that more and more South Australians are turning to us for their nightly news.

“Unlike some of our competitors we have never wavered in our commitment to live and local news – and I think South Australians have seen that for themselves.

“While ratings are an important part of what we do, our focus will remain on delivering the very latest news to our viewers, nightly at 6pm.”

Update: Director, 7NEWS Adelaide, Chris Salter said, “7NEWS Adelaide produces more local and live news than any other network in South Australia.

“Our commitment to Adelaide has never been stronger across the entire day and especially at 6pm which we are still leading across the hour.”

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  1. For quite a while Adelaide’s aged population always liked familiarity, especially with their viewing habits, but now the audience has shifted to a new demographic, there is more of an appreciation for a vibrant 21st Century presentation instead of the drab 19th Century!!!

  2. Let’s be honest, as we’ve seen Nine’s impressive ratings performance over the past couple of years nationally, it’d really only be the AFL keeping Seven afloat in Adelaide now

  3. 9 champions the fact that they are all about news, but regionally that isn’t the case, lots of people are losing their jobs with 9 in just a few weeks, 7 affiliate PRIME are in alot of areas the only news available to regional towns, WIN are only in a few markets now as well. #SaveOurVoices but dont let it cost too much.

  4. Nine’s Adelaide facility is quite impressive. In fact the output from their city base across News and programs is quite classy. The way they do things is in my humble opinion the best in S.A.

  5. I grew up in Adelaide and as a 7 news loyalist. Recently visiting, you can see the 9 bulletin is now much stronger in a number of ways. 7 feels like a rural bulletin while 9 is much more slick & consistent. Not surprised by this result.

  6. Thanks for the figures there DK.
    I noticed that the gap between 7 and 9 News Adel have narrowed last year. This may got to do with John Riddell’s retirement at the end of 2019. But 9 News Adelaide have became more competitive

  7. Thats some achievement. Finally winning the week.

    You got to love the split coding between the networks – for the 6pm News, and for The Chase (and Hot Seat), but strangely, haven’t done so for Nine’s Afternoon News. lol

  8. Wonder if people were fed up with amateur week on Seven news with its testing of bizarre camera angles, distracting background, and even separating the weekend hosts further apart last night during a segment because you could see the other flicking through their paper notes during the single presenter shots. And now the sports reporter can’t even sit at the new desk on the weekend when we have two hosts, they’ve been relegated to standing up. Not that sport is a necessary component of the news hour, but give the man a seat.

    1. Bruce looks like a giant standing next to a seated Rosanna! It’s all a bit odd… last weekend when it was just Mike reading the news, Bruce was sitting basically on Mike’s lap next to him at the desk.

      1. … the difference is 9 had no choice … the gaffer tape and string holding the Tynte Street facility together had broken and developers were offering them a motza to get out … so they moved to a new place and put in cheap HD cameras … dunno if/when 7 will upgrade ‘cos a talking head reading an autocue looks much the same in SD as it does in HD (except we’ll get to see more of Jane’s wrinkles) …

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