Ramsay St house sells for $1.6m

It’s a pricetag that would turn a Neighbours character into an instant millionaire*.

A house at 1 Pinoak Court, Vermont South sold for $1.6m at the weekend, the first time it has changed hands in 30 years.

The expected price was $1.3m-$1.43m.

Five bidders fought it out for the keys to the home, but the buyers, a couple originally from China, had never heard of Neighbours.

“The couple saw it for the first time [on Saturday] and fell in love with the kitchen and just wanted it,” Barry Plant Mount Waverley manager Carolyn Barton told Domain.

They were also unaware they would have a camera crew filming outside their home a few days a week, but were fine when told the cameras would not be coming inside their home… as well as the location fee stipend in their pockets.

The house has been home to Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi, Mrs Mangel, Jane Harris, Joe Mangel, Dee Bliss, Stephanie Scully, Max Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan amongst others.

You can check out pics here.

* Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) was once worth $150m but not anymore…


  1. Hi David Knox
    Out of curiosity, just for the record. Has there been any auctions or sales for any of the other houses in Pin oak court in the last 10 years? Or any articles in the last 10 years about them on here?

  2. This sale price is normal for the area in an over-inflated market. My sister’s place which is not far away from Pinoak Court went for $1.5 million at auction and the asking price range was 1.2 to 1.4 million. Totally ridiculous.

  3. The Things I've Seen.

    On the whole filming thing and out of complete curiosity, what happens if the new owners decided they didn’t want to have their house filmed?

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