Block house in limbo is finally sold

Jimmy & Tan’s house in Brighton is finally sold -but the price is undisclosed.

A property on The Block 2020 which fell victim to a failed settlement has finally been sold.

Jimmy & Tan’s winning house which netted an eye-watering $4,256,000 at auction day made headlines after Emese Fajk failed to meet payment by settlement.

“It’s taken probably 6-8 month but it has been sold by the great real agents that were doing the job there, so that’s fantastic,” host Scott Cam told A Current Affair.

“It took us by surprise,” he conceded. “We weren’t ready for it. But look, we’ll try and put some things in place for the next auction to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

At one point Scott Cam was forced to deny rumours he had purchased the home.

The final price has not been disclosed by Nine.

Ms. Fajk is now overseas, according to A Current Affair.

Nine claims the winning $100,000 prize would remain honoured. It isn’t clear if any of the other contestants will challenge the competition outcome.

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  1. I’m staggered there is nothing in place to prevent any doofus “buying” a house on The Block and then simply walking away from the deal.
    Surely you would have to lodge a refundable $20K deposit for example for the right to bid here ?
    As for the final sale price of this frankly underwhelming pastiche of a ’50s fibro cottage i I’d reckon it might be in the 3 millions if you are lucky )- these records will be freely available on the public register once the property settles. I’m sure a media organisation will be searching that out when the time comes.
    The Block people are keeping it very quiet because they want to keep the size of the price fall to themselves, as it does not cast a good light on the ultra-hype surrounding every Block auction.
    I think Scotty AKA The People’s Champion mentioned that it took 10 months to sell the place !
    Anyway , if I were ” the underbidder”,…

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