Mastermind: grand final

4 contestants face off in a primetime grand final tonight on SBS.

SBS screens the grand final of Mastermind tonight at the special time of 7:30pm.

Four semi-finalists who beat over 200 other contenders face off for the series final in a bumper 1 hour episode. Each finalist will face 3 x rounds, 2 minutes on their new specialist subject before the nerve-wracking slow burn round which can completely up-end the game. Two minutes on general knowledge will follow.

Tonight’s finalists are:

William Laing a writer from Sydney with his specialist subject- The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis.
William is a seasoned quizzer, having competed on Sale of the Century. Mastermind is dear to his heart as his Aunt won back in the 80’s. He has also written a book on quiz shows and the minds’ capacity for instant recall on facts and general knowledge. Is thinking about writing another book about quiz shows.

Lydia Smith – a storyteller from Orange with her specialist subject – The Winslow Boy (Play & Film) Lydia is a natural storyteller and tells stories in schools to young children. Lydia loves musical theatre and entered Mastermind to surprise her mum who she had been caring for at the time. They spent their nights watching Mastermind. Didn’t bank on making it this far.

Patrick Tyson a secondary teacher from South Sydney with his specialist subject – George Washington. Patrick loves history and became aware of Washington at age 7. His previously did Adolf Hitler, a man he became interested in at aged 6. He teaches history and thinks all historical figures (good and bad) deserve to be taught as they play in important part in history.

Andrew Williams a HR advisor from Sydney with his specialist subject, the musical the Assassins. Andrew has done more rounds that most, with weekly finals, second chance weeks and the record for the most tie-breakers, Andrew is a quiz night tragic and would love to write trivia games (or host a trivia show) The youngest in the group, Andrew is a force to be reckoned  with. Loves all Sondheim musicals and after being introduced to them around 9 years of age.

7:30pm tonight on SBS.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed series 3 & Marc as presenter (without “I’ve started so I will finish” which was so annoying& wasting precious time) Cannot wait for the new series to start!

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