Returning: Australia Talks

Annabel Crabb & Nazeem Hussain tell us how 60,000 Australians answered a range of 600 questions.

90 minute special Australia Talks will screen next Monday on ABC, hosted by Annabel Crabb and Nazeem Hussain.

This means there is no Four Corners while Media Watch pushes to a 9:32pm start.

This is the second of the surveys conducted by ABC, following a special in 2019.

ABC asked 60,000 Australians a range of 600 questions including:

The top 3 issues that unite and divide the nation
How Covid has affected our friendships and family
Who’s keeping secrets that could end their relationships
Who’s having the most sex
And even how often Aussies change their sheets

You can also check out how you compare at abc.net.au/australiatalks

The 90-minute special will feature contributions from some much-loved Australians including Hamish Blake, Tanya Hennessy, Tony Armstrong, Sabrina Frederick, Nina Oyama, Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst.

The program will also include a special report on political accountability and feature a special interview with former Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard.

Discover what your neighbours think, what other states reckon, and exactly what the whole country believes is the right way forward after a pandemic that has affected us all.

Production credits:
Executive producer: Tom Whitty
Series Producer: Melina Wicks
ABC Manager of Factual: Julie Hanna
ABC Head of Entertainment: Nicholas Hayden

8pm Monday June 21 on ABC.

ABC TV Plus will also have comedians debating the findings of three issues in Australia Debates specials at 9:30pm June 28 – June 30.

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  1. David, thanks for including the link to the relevant ABC website, where is states: “The (participants) panel was recruited from Australians who have completed ABC Vote Compass surveys”.
    In other words the survey results are likely to reflect the views of the ABC audience and not the general population. Nothing wrong with that but it should be kept in mind.

      1. Thanks again David. The ABC claim their results are adjusted to reflect the wider community – however, if you only capture the views of folk who respond to a survey on the ABC website, it can’t possible canvas a proportionate share of views of Sky News viewers, for example.

        1. ABC: “The 2021 Australia Talks National Survey included more than 60,000 Australians from every federal electorate in every State and Territory, comprising a diverse cross-section of Australians that is fully representative of modern Australia. Participants were drawn from people who have completed the ABC’s interactive online application Vote Compass during state and federal elections –this is a broad group and one we know reaches beyond standard ABC audiences due to the way Vote Compass reaches different audience segments on social media. A series of pre- and post-stratification statistical weights were then applied to the sample in order to model inferences that are representative of the entire Australian population.”

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