Seven dismisses Idol rumours

Seven denies rumours and reaffirms Idol reboot for 2022.

Seven has rejected a media report that suggested Australian Idol would not air in 2022.

On Monday New Idea fuelled speculation the rebooted talent show had been nixed amid some disagreement between Fremantle and Seven over the series being pre-recorded.

An unnamed source suggested Fremantle “wouldn’t budge on the format of relying on the Australian public to vote on a weekly basis.”

It even claimed The Voice: Kids had been momentarily approved before falling over.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “As we announced in October last year, Australian Idol will be on Seven in 2022.”

Seven still has The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent to come in 2021.

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  1. It’s not 2005 anymore.
    The days of millions watching a show and talking about it at work the next day have gone.
    A nation stopping to see Cosima withdraw or Guy win have gone – at best you’ll probably get 600,000 or 700,000 in an already crowded market plus all the distractions like Netflix and multiple channels.
    Do the maths – Australia has more than 25 million people now – and market is much more fragmented than when the original went to air.

  2. I think it would be good to have the performance show pre-recorded a few days earlier but the elimination show live. If pre-recording means we get a higher production value, polished production and fast paced, tighltly packed episodes it would be an improvement.

    DWTS was much better pre-recorded, no more 3.5 hour dragged out affairs. But i didn’t like that only the studio audience voted, The Masked Singer’s private online audience wasn’t great viewing either.

  3. Other than the auditions, if there is no live element for Australian Idol, then it might not achieve the ratings and popularity required to sustain the show in a new season. They should try to get the casting right and try their best to create successful music careers that can transition into the charts, radio and music video limelight that would also give credibility to the show. It won’t last another season after that otherwise as the talent shows aren’t maximising the success of contestants and participants as much as they used to and the viewers are probably aware of that by now.

    I’d imagine Big Brother would have even better ratings if there were live shows. It’s one of the reasons I’m not interested in the new seasons of BB.

  4. Better be live shows each week and then the elimination the night after, worked perfect last time. Fremantle should pull the pin on 7 and give it to 10 network. BB was stuffed when it went to 7, The Voice will be stuffed too.

    1. To add to this, a top 10 would be great over 9 weeks of live shows, once a week. At the start of the next live show, can be the elimination, so 1 week of voting. Pre-record the auditions obviously and boot camp or whatever etc. We need time to connect to the singers. This is where The Voice has failed. 7 did do X-Factor well, so they have no excuse to do this well.

  5. I agree with alot of the comments here. God 7 better now screw this up. Do it properly or dont do it at all.

    If they follow the US format they can still pre record everything prior to the final weeks. Please dont express this and have 4-5 weeks of finals with double eliminations, this contributes to the singers failures we dont get to connect with them. No doubt 7 will cook this one.

  6. is having two singing shows on the same network a good idea? 7 have committed to both for next year, but I stand by my theory that 7 are holding on to Idol as a potential replacement for The Voice if it underperforms this year.

  7. If my opinion has any weight l agree with Fremantle, the shows success was a live audience. They prefer to have taped shows so they can move it around their schedule if needed. i doubt they can recapture the same magic when 10 aired it so many years ago.

  8. What a surprise they want to pre-record this too. They just want to do everything on the cheap and with as much control as possible, forgetting the exact reason why many of the big reality franchises were a huge success in the first place.

    This is where fitting every show into the 3 or 4 nights a week format that Aussie channels seem to insist on is just failing the Australian audiences. Yes, there are certainly some shows that benefit from that but others need to be one or twice a week to succeed, and surely networks could have at least one three month block in their schedule for 3 or 4 weekly shows to thrive.

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