The Masked Singer shifts audience to Zoom

Lockdown rules mean producers turn to 2020 model of audience on zoom and a mosh-pit of teddy bears.

Television production in Sydney continues to navigate a way forward under evolving lockdown conditions.

The Masked Singer has been forced to switch plans for a studio audience at Carriageworks later this week to an audience of 100 on Zoom.

This repeats the creative way Warner Bros. producers addressed a similar problem last year when it filmed during a Melbourne lockdown, with zany teddy bears and zebras in a mosh pit.

Although the 10 show had to deal with its own COVID outbreak, it continued on, even having a virtual Osher Günsberg for its final, with judges as far away as New Zealand.

Returning to the show are Dannii Minogue, Jackie O., Dave Hughes & Urzila Carlson.

You can register to be part of the Zoom panel (from anywhere in the country) here.

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  1. COVID seems to curse The Masked Singer! An COVID outbreak last year in Melbourne and now the show needs to proceed with COVID restrictions in Sydney! Maybe third time’s the charm next year?

      1. From the email I was sent yesterday by WBITVP, it seems like they’re hoping to be using a Zoom audience only for the first four episodes.

        (At least, they’ve only provided the first four four show dates to choose from (until 9th July.))

  2. At least they’re being proactive about it i suppose. Its the only real thing they can do. Its good to see them retain the judges too. I know they can change from time to time.

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