William Laing is Australia’s next Mastermind

A Sydney writer whose aunt won Mastermind in the 1980s, keeps success in the family.

Sydney writer William Laing was last night named Australia’s next Mastermind, winning the SBS title with his specialist subject, The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis.

Laing scored 35 points to win the etched bowl trophy, handcrafted by Indigenous artist Dennis Golding.

He defeated Andrew Williams a HR advisor from Sydney on 33 points, Patrick Tyson from South Sydney on 30 points and Lydia Smith from Orange on 29 points.

Over 200 contenders tried their luck on the SBS quiz show produced by BBC Studios Australia.

Laing is a seasoned quizzer, having competed on Sale of the Century and even written a book on quiz shows. Mastermind is also dear to his heart as his Aunt won back in the 80’s.

“I’ve been on a few shows before and this has been the hardest, but at this moment, the best,” he told host Marc Fennell.

SBS has a second season of Celebrity Mastermind with 16 celebrities still to screen.


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  1. The Mastermind Grand Final was great viewing and very close between the 4 finalists. Well done William Laing for winning. I was hoping Andrew Williams would win. Such an interesting character.

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