Returning: Home & Away

Harley Bonner & Jacqui Purvis step into the Bay when Seven soap returns in two weeks.

Home & Away returns to Seven on Monday August 9th following the Olympics picking up from its cliff-hanger road crash and with the arrival of new faces, Harley Bonner (Neighbours) and Jacqui Purvis (Neighbours).

Harley Bonner stars as Dr. Logan Bennett, a fully-qualified trauma surgeon who has seen and done a lot in life and is looking for a change of pace. The new doctor in town doesn’t waste time and catches the eye of Salt restaurant owner, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

Jacqui Purvis joins as Felicity Newman, a firecracker with an abundance of confidence and no filter – which can get her into a lot of trouble. Finding herself on top of a bar dancing Coyote Ugly-style, Felicity’s antics end up attracting the attention of Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

Another Summer Bay wedding is around the corner with the doctors, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey), finally tying the knot.

Romance sizzles between Jasmine (Sam Frost) and new cop Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

But it may not be a happy ending for all, as Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Mia (Anna Samson) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) struggle to survive in a tragic cliff-hanging accident.

7.00pm Monday, 9 August on Seven.

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  1. Great to see some new characters but with two new male stars recently, where is the gay character to balance out this heteronormativity that pervades Summer Bay?
    I realise society in general is more accepting, but portraying some gay characters will help those that might struggle to identify with characters and relationships on screen. Can the next make heartthrob arriving in Summer Bay be gay please? After more than 30 years it is well overdue!

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