Tones & I: “I want to be involved in Eurovision”

“I was asked to help write the Eurovision song for Montaigne," says Dance Monkey singer.

I see you Dami Im and raise you Tones & I….

The Dance Monkey singer is keen to be involved with Australia’s entry for Eurovision 2022.

The Melbourne-based singer was nearly part of this year’s entry.

This week Tones & I told Fitzy & Wippa, “I was asked to help write the Eurovision song for Montaigne, which is honestly the coolest thing. I couldn’t believe it. But I didn’t, with lockdown, and lockdown again I wasn’t able to get to the studio or anything like that.

“After that, I spoke to the guys and said I want to be involved in Eurovision. I want to help write the song and the artwork. I love writing the songs, I love doing the film clips.”

Dami Im previously expressed an interest in returning when she made a guest appearance at Eurovision: Australian Decides in 2020.

Tones & I added, “Next year I don’t mind if I sing, I don’t care about singing that’s fine. But I want to be a part of the artistic side.”

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    1. Roaring Dave, it was number 1 around the world but ok….
      Also you should check out her other successful songs, Fly Away, Johnny Run Away, Never Seen the Rain.
      But thanks for the Friday negativity!

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