What I’ve Been Watching: Colette Mann

Neighbours' own Colette Mann is a fan of true crime...

Neighbours‘ own Colette Mann is a fan of true crime -and is pumped for Larry Emdur on The Chase.

Here’s what else she is watching.

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
CM: Mare of Easttown, any true crime docos, The Bureau on SBS.

How has lockdown affected your viewing?
CM: I probably watched a lot more from streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and just recently got Britbox and re-watched Prime Suspect all 7 seasons. News is so depressing.

Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit watching?
CM: The Chase Australia … cannot wait for Larry Emdur to debut ! Love him!

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
CM: My iPad because if I learn something new I like to research it then and there … like Bloodlands on SBS is all about the effect of the ‘troubles ‘ in Ireland many years later.. so needed to get across all that.

What show would you secretly love to appear on?
CM: Five Bedrooms because I actually went to dinner in the real house and loved the feel of it !

You’ve been working at Nunawading studios for over 40 years, could you ever have imagined? What’s a typical day on set with Neighbours like?
CM: Not continuously thank god! Typical for me is early call say 6.30 am makeup and hair … do a couple of scenes, have a Covid test, do 30-45 mins yoga in the quiet green room, do a couple more scenes and if I am lucky … get home before rush hour! Then start all over again. Glamorous hey?

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10 Peach.

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