Airdate: Wentworth Unlocked

Pamela Rabe presents interviews with cast & creatives on the making of Wentworth’s final season.

Ahead of the final season of Wentworth, Pamela Rabe looks back on an iconic series.

Presented by Pamela Rabe, Wentworth Unlocked celebrates the critically acclaimed Australian drama, featuring interviews recorded with cast and creatives during the making of Wentworth’s final season.

As well as recapping where we left the characters in season eight and teasing what the final season has in store for fans, Wentworth Unlocked also delves into the making of the series, life on set (that is tested greatly during Covid-19) then reflects upon the initial audition process for both original cast members and those who have recently joined. The cast also recall some of the most iconic scenes and plots across the entire series.

Wentworth Unlocked culminates in an emotional farewell, witnessing the bittersweet final days on set and personal stories from the cast sharing how the series has affected their lives and careers.

Tuesday August 17 at 8.30pm on FOX Showcase.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but I will avoid this completely until I’ve finished the upcoming season. I really hate having something like this take me out of the world of the show too much right as I want to settle myself into it. Can’t wait to see it once I’ve gotten through the whole last season though, I haven’t really seen any behind the scenes stuff of Wentworth along the way.

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