Hot Tip: Dancing with the Stars: All Stars for Q4

WIth production schedules moving, Seven's dance card may be brought forward.

Industry talk is gathering on another season of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars -not for 2022 but for later this year.

Seven’s schedule has been forced to juggle around productions impacted by COVID restrictions.

That saw Australia’s Got Talent pushed out of 2021.

Another plan to extend Big Brother VIP was also explored. Filming is currently underway in Sydney.

That leaves Seven to film another season of DWTS with returning stars and Wildcards in Sydney. Deni Hines is rumoured to be one of the new Wildcards.

A studio audience could be a challenge this time around, depending on Sydney’s COVID situation improving.

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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  1. This seems a strange decision by Ch7. Not only did they use all the best All Starts just a few months ago but they had a neat short run ratings spiker. This could instantly dilute the format and get shelved again if it doesn’t rate as well. Big gamble.

  2. I know that production uncertainty is higher at the moment, however, another season of this just because it rated well is not the answer I feel..

    Better to keep it for a quick run season once a year IMO.

    Would be interested to see who they had return after a lot of their big names were used last season!

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