Love Island moves from Queensland to Northern NSW

Queensland government's strict border rules lead to loss of show, worth $8.6m and 100 local jobs.

Love Island is moving from its intended Port Douglas base to Northern NSW.

The Palaszczuk government’s strict border rules have effectively cost it the show with producers unable to easily send cast and crew over state borders.

Location manager, Karen Jones said, “Unfortunately it’s just not possible for Port Douglas right now. The first staff were due to start arriving very shortly and so a decision had to be made.

“(Show producers) ITV are devastated, the whole crew is devastated, everyone was really excited about coming to Port Douglas, they hand-picked this location because it’s perfect for the show.”

The state government had touted the show’s Queensland plans which would have delivered an estimated $8.6 million to Queensland’s economy and create more than 100 jobs.

“It was going to be a big boost for the local economy, lots of people coming and going during a quieter time of year. Many of the hoteliers and restaurateurs will be disappointed,” Jones said.

The Nine reality show, which was also announced at last year’s Upfronts for the Gold Coast, is due to get underway soon in Northern NSW.

Source: Newsport

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  1. As a Queenslander, I am not overly concerned with this. I do acknowledge that there is a loss of jobs and investment, however, we need to keep our state safe. I am not entirely sure why they couldn’t source local expertise to cover interstate arrivals.
    I mean, i am not assuming they wished to avoid 14 day quarantine or something…

    1. It is not possible to source local TV expertise in Port Douglas. The creative team, many who have made it for years, the camera/sound/lighting crews, the industry specific art and hair and make-up teams are all ex-Sydney and Melbourne.

      The Queensland government is being particularly stringent with arrivals, given their hotel quarantine situation. Many crew can’t even secure a place in quarantine. Many cast cannot do the same, despite the production companies jumping through every hoop.

      I understand politically why the Queensland Government won’t have people entering from NSW at this time (even when all cast and crew are fully vaxxed and tested and quarantined) – but that stance means shows like Love Island and Survivor – and others – will make choices that allow them to make the show still.

      Like it or lump it, most reality TV crews are based in NSW or VIC, and if you won’t let them travel to your state for the show – it won’t get made there!

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