Seven teases Australian Gangster

Long-awaited drama series will finally air on Seven later this year.

Seven is finally teasing drama series Australian Gangster which has been held back due to several long legal cases.

Originally due in 2018, the series “inspired” by true crime cases features Alexander Bertrand (Les Norton), Rahel Romahn (Mr. Inbetween, The Principal) and Steve Bastoni (Neighbours, Fat Tony & Co, Wentworth).

“They are all about flaunting their wealth and their physical appearance to try and create an image of themselves that they can project to the world,” says director Gregor Jordan (Two Hands, Ned Kelly, Dirt Music). “They represent a modern and interesting twist on the gangster genre.”

The Roadshow Rough Diamond series is produced by John Edwards and Daniel Edwards and Seven head of drama Julie McGauran, written and directed by Gregor Jordan and directed by Fadia Abboud.

A date is yet to be announced.

You can check out the clip on YouTube.

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