2021 Walkley Documentary Award: longlist

ABC and SBS docos make the first list of documentary candidates for journalism awards. But what's missing?

Six documentaries have been “long listed” for the 2021 Walkley Documentary Award.

Addicted Australia, Jacob Hickey and Darren Dale, Blackfella Films and SBS
Batoor: A Refugee Journey, Barat Batoor, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival
Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra, Ivan O’Mahoney, Wayne Blair and Nel Minchin, In Films, ABC
Incarceration Nation, Helen Morrison and Dean Gibson, Bacon Factory Films, Bent3land Productions and NITV
Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb, Annabel Crabb, Stamatia Maroupas, Frances O’Riordan and Geraldine McKenna, ABC
See What You Made Me Do, Karina Holden, Tosca Looby and Jess Hill, Northern Pictures and SBS

Three will end up as formal nominees when full nominations are announced on October 21.

Conspicuously absent is Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire which has resulted in a NSW Police Unsolved Homicide Squad investigation and a $1 million dollar reward by NSW Govt.

But there were also headlines around elements regarding former NSW Premier Neville Wran.

Whilst an independent review found the program did not back up those allegations or offer contrasting views, it concluded the reportage surrounding the tragedy of the Luna Park ghost train fire “should be recognized and given due weight.”

A memo the Walkleys didn’t seem to get…


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