Airdate: 7NEWS Investigates: The Disappearance of William Tyrrell

Caroline Overington and Michael Usher present 2 part true crime doco on missing NSW boy.

As first reported by TV Tonight in February, Seven will screen a true crime documentary, 7NEWS Investigates: The Disappearance of William Tyrrell.

Both Caroline Overington and Michael Usher feature in the two part doco, which includes interviews with Tyrrell’s biological grandmother, and teases new revelations from an unnamed witness.

Journalist Caroline Overington said: “Over the years I have learnt how to keep a good professional distance, an emotional separation between me and the investigations I work on. But with this story, I can’t do that. This one is different. I believe we failed this little boy. Time and again, we have failed William Tyrrell.

“William was stolen in broad daylight and not a single clue was left behind. The truth wants to be known. Somebody knows what happened to William.”

This week the foster parents of William also dismissed other media reports of a breakthrough in his case as “fake news”.

It’s a photo as haunting today as the day it was taken – three-year-old William Tyrrell dressed in his favourite Spiderman suit, “roaring” his biggest tiger roar at the camera.

Not even hours later, William vanished without a trace while playing in the front yard of his foster grandmother’s home in a small town on the NSW mid-north coast.

It has been seven years since that photo was snapped. Seven years since William was last seen by someone who loved him.

His disappearance sparked one of the biggest manhunts in recent history, uncovered paedophile rings, exposed flaws in the foster care system, saw the demise of Australia’s most senior homicide detective and ultimately tainted an entire community.

Now, on the anniversary of William’s disappearance, a major 7NEWS two-part documentary investigation into Australia’s most infamous unsolved disappearance, led by one of the country’s foremost investigative journalists Caroline Overington, unveils startling new revelations and never-before-seen evidence.

From the team behind Ivan Milat: Buried Secrets, The Disappearance of William Tyrrell comprehensively re-examines every detail and the key players surrounding this extraordinary case, featuring unseen police interviews, top-secret evidence and images sealed until now.

Featuring analysis and insights from 7NEWS anchor and investigative reporter Michael Usher, who over the years has remained extremely close to the case, the documentary gathers fresh information from those at the centre of the ongoing investigation, including William’s biological grandmother and neighbours who were home the day of William’s disappearance, as a former FBI profiler along with some the country’s most decorated detectives and criminologists re-examine the case.

In an astonishing twist, a new witness comes forward with chilling new information that ties all the clues together, as the investigation lays down the case for who abducted William.

Part I 7pm Sunday September 19 on Seven.

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  1. i can’t help but think there will be some sort of legal block on this screening, since the boy is still officially missing, if they arrest someone its obviously going to be prejudicial to them.

  2. If this is true, why haven’t the Police already arrested ‘said’ person and found William, one way or another? Surely they are aware of this information…if not, why not? Will the new evidence make ‘said person’ react in some way if they hear this new evidence about them on this TV show?

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