William Tyrrell crime special for Seven

Exclusive: More true crime for Seven in 2021 with a 2 part special on unsolved 2014 case.

EXCLUSIVE:  Seven will screen a two part true crime special The Disappearance of William Tyrrell.

3 year old William Tyrrell hasn’t been seen since disappearing from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall. NSW, on September 12, 2014.

An inquest concluded in October but is yet to hand down its findings.

The special is amongst several true crime offerings in the works for Seven including two part special Ivan Milat: Buried Secrets and a newly commissioned Crime Investigation Australia series.

Six part series Homicide with Ron Iddles will also screen this year.

Photo: Seven News / AAP

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  1. For God’s sake haven’t the families of this poor little boy suffered enough without another show regurgitating what we have all heard countless times before ?
    There will be no new breakthrough no new information just more conjecture and unproven speculation …and the star detective Gary Jubelin won’t be appearing – isn’t he on contract with Nine?
    This tragic case will likely never be solved certainly not with these types of shows – I can see the promos now “the shock new evidence never revealed shows what really happened to William” etc etc …count me out .

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