Hayley wins Australian Survivor 2021

Hayley Leake outwits, outplays & outlasts George & Flick to take home $500,000.

Long term Survivor fan Hayley Leake has won the title of Australian Survivor 2021.

She defeated aspiring politician George Mladenov for the title of sole survivor and the $500,000 prize.

Felicity ‘Flick’ Palmateer finished third after Hayley chose George for the final Tribal Council.

Hayley won a gruelling 5 hours and 17 minute Immunity final challenge in which all three stepped into a chamber with narrow pegs and spikes turned into ‘jaws of death.’

While George pitched to the jury that his ‘double agent’ approach was a strategic play, Hayley argued she had a better all-round game of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting her castaways.

In the end she won 7 votes to George’s 2 votes.

Hayley said, “I survived 48 days, I made massive blindsides and I was a physical beast out here. I’m proud of being able to come out here and play a really big strategic game. I didn’t want to hide in the shadows, I wanted to make big moves from the start, and I did that.”

10 is already in production on another season of Australian Survivor for 2022, rumoured to be back in Queensland.

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  1. So happy Hayley won. She deserved it over the ever so arrogant George. She had the best all round game and after she returned after being voted out i think it was clear from that point that she would do anything to win and in the end she did. It was a decent season.

  2. I was hoping that the final 2 were going to be Flick and Hayley with Flick winning i agree that George was arrogant I’m glad he didn’t win this was the best season to date ten sure has nailed it with survivor unlike nine and seven i hope they don’t do 2 seasons next year

  3. Wow, that was a very bitter jury. George was robbed. He played a great game & was entertaining to watch. He was ignored by everyone at the start & no one wanted to work with him & were gunning for him from day 1. But he managed to make it to the end. Really hope we get to see him again on an all stars season.

    1. I don’t think bitter just didn’t fall for the political speak and deny deny deny game book of what he does in his regular life, cost him the game, he might of been entertaining but out of outwit, outplay, outlast he only did the outlast part (sat down in challenges and didn’t worry with building relationships with both a big part of the game) whereas Hayley managed all three and was able to convey that at final tribal.

    2. He was not robbed, he failed at a crucial skill for winning which was jury management. Getting to the Final 2 means nothing if you have alienated the entire jury on the way. Plus his arrogance at the Final Tribal made that situation even worse. He was dragged along by Cara for half the season and then kept around towards the end because he wasn’t a threat to win.

  4. George’s gameplay reminds me somewhat of Russell Hantz. Too much focus on the strategic, little on the physical and no social game at all. Both were also arrogant jerks who believed that they were above everyone else. George had a pretty slim chance before the FTC but then he totally bombed his small chance with his condescending ‘thank you for your question’ comments and then refusing to actually answer the questions. The jury gave him multiple chances to own up to a total lack of social game but he just kept with the useless spin talk and an attitude of ‘well I’m in the final two so suck that’. I was surprised at the bitchiness of Cara’s question, we knew she was going to vote George but the nastiness of her question was unexpected, not to mention ridiculous because George lied and manipulated just as much as Hayley did.
    Hayley did a great job at owning her game and explaining exactly why she made the moves that she did. She also played a much more rounded game the whole way…

    1. I agree too, she did the Outwit, Outplay and Outlast and spoke so well and owned everything at the final tribal. George sounded ridiculous at final tribal with all the election talk, ‘that was a great question glad you asked it’…, sounded just like a politician not answering the questions too, made me cringe when he was doing that can see why they wouldn’t vote for him, just admit what you did it’s survivor they might respect it.
      Another great season, can’t wait till February.

  5. Yet another phenomenal season of Survivor. Our version really has been standing on its own merits with exceptional production, cinematography and casting. Yup, I was Team Flick and am devo she couldn’t make it to the final but Hayley was definitely the more deserving winner out of the final two. George’s self-centredness is on a par with Chappies from Survivor:South Africa so he was always gonna be the best choice for someone to take to the final. Congratulations to Hayley and much love to everyone involved in delivering a brilliant series.

  6. I think it was clear from merge that Hayley would become the winner. It was all in the edit. Well deserved for her game play.

    George played a good game, but ruined his own chances in the final tribal with some of his answers to jury questions.

    David- the Survivor Instagram said new season is coming in Feb 2022! Do we think this could mean two seasons next year?
    Also very clear new season will be Blood v water given the red into blue graphics used in said post.

  7. Like Hayley throughout the game, I flipped to her side last night as the worthy winner. The way she spoke absolutely pummelled the continuously poor answers from George. It was baffling that he was so cryptic in his answering of the questions… he spoke like a politician and despite him playing an amazing strategic game, he couldn’t give a straight answer. I couldn’t believe he didn’t use the angle that he was the only one of the final three who hadn’t been voted out by his teammates. Alas, as soon as Hayley had finished her incredible opening statement I knew she’d won. She just had a better all round game.
    It was an excellent finale to what was the best season yet. We haven’t seen the last of George either, he will be back for another inevitable fans vs. favourites themed series in the future. Great work again 10! I’m just worried they are going to shoehorn two seasons in next year… as the next one starts in February. That in itself seems too soon after this series.

    1. you only picked up on the arrogance during the final?
      he’s been dripping with it from the moment the game started.

      …and now these rumours he wants to be the bachelor — hard pass. not sure suvivor is the best reality show to kick off your 5 seconds of fame.

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