Hey Hey We’re 50!: promo

Wilbur Wilde, John Blackman, Raymond J. Bartholomeuz join Daryl in studio, while Kylie sends a 50th message.

Seven has teased its upcoming Hey Hey We’re 50! special which was filmed last week in Melbourne.

Joining Daryl Somers in the studio were Wilbur Wilde, John Blackman ‘Raymond J. Bartholomeuz’, while there were crosses to others including Jacki MacDonald.

Kylie Minogue also sent a special 50th anniversary greeting while others will also appear on video.

On Facebook, Somers told dedicated fans, “Firstly, thank you for the huge response to our callout for Hey Hey memories. You covered so many aspects of the programme it’s hard to compress the highlights of 30 years into one show. Even though we’ve only scratched the surface there’s something for everyone in our Seven Network special, Hey Hey It’s 50 Years that will happen in a few weeks.”

The show officially reaches 50 years on Saturday October 9.


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  1. Wow, I’ve just come from reading the Leigh sales article about people online and the way in which people message online. This site TVT has always been one where respect is shown in opinions. As for the quote… tv is a democracy, um it actually is. No one is forcing anyone to watch anything. If you don’t like hey hey, you have so many other options, spend your time finding something you love and let people know why. If you loved hey hey it in its day, I hope you watch it and it makes you feel warm and happy.

  2. I don’t understand the point of this? Wouldn’t you only be celebrating 50 years if you’ve been On Air for 50 years? They were only on air for 28 of those 50 years.

    Plus, I’m not sure who will be celebrating this time round after the Harry Connick Jr disaster from 2009 and the blatant Kamahl racism…

      1. Ah touché David.

        I guess I personally don’t associate Hey Hey being such a cultural phenomenon (anymore) as compared to Friends and this probably does come from my age too. One aged better than the other, just how I see it.

          1. You sprout some bullshit nonsense sometimes Knox. But this takes the Emperors cake.
            “TV is a democracy”. That’s worthy of a nomination for the “Alan Jones award” 2021.
            Dare you upload this on your website.

          2. You’re welcome to disagree, but a reminder if you don’t keep respectful you’ll breach policy. There’s plenty of shows on offer for viewers to choose where to go, none of it mandatory.

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