Seven keen for second Hey Hey special

After bumper ratings, the time capsule of Hey Hey it's Saturday episodes may yield another 50th special.

There may be more in store for nostalgic fans of Hey Hey it’s Saturday following bumper ratings of 1.2m viewers.

Seven CEO James Warburton this week told Mediaweek, while the 50th special attracted many older viewers, there were 400,000 24-54s watching.

“We will look at doing a part two and there might be some content for 7plus too.”

Angus Ross added: “It was an amazing result for Daryl and the team and they should be really proud of generating a massive result like that on a Sunday night with very heavy traffic.”

Recently Daryl Somers told TV Tonight, that 30 years of footage was impossible to cram into a 90 minute special.

“I said to Seven, ‘If you wanted a series we could provide it, because I’ve left so much on the cutting room floor, it’s ridiculous!’ he said.

Somers also relaunched the heyhey.tv website with subscriptions for fans to see old episodes, but a few freebies available on 7plus may work as a ‘win / win’ promotion.

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  1. It seems that television programmers are slow learners.

    Of course a nostalgic special is going to attract viewers. Of course t is going to rate its socks off. This does not equate to viewer commitment for regular content.

    It happened twice with ‘The Brady Bunch’: Two separate TV movies that were followed up with new series (namely ‘The Brady Brides’ and ‘The Bradys’) that bombed. It even happened with the last ‘Hey Hey’ reunion, when the series in 2010 died a painful death. Sure, a follow-up special or two would make sense, but Daryl’s hints at a series are ludicrous.

  2. 10 one hour episodes Hey Hey The Best. Should be enough to release the steam and demand for more.

    Hey hey is iconic and once again you see this massive disconnect with the media being all ‘woke’ around Hey Hey and that Australians don’t want this show anymore then every time it has a reunion or special it rates it’s socks off. Go figure ?

    Would love to see this come back as the live extravaganza it once was, even if it was to be like 2010, just a short run.

  3. Yeah that would be awesome.

    Hopefully they acknowledge others a bit more too. Show more from Livinia and get Plucka involved (can mention how they were part of the spinoff show Plucka’s Place too), he didn’t talk so almost anyone can help bring him to life, whereas Ossie and Dickie may have certain difficulties.

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