Brooke Blurton responds to comments hoping for another fairytale ending

"I just was really frustrated with the level of biphobia that was happening,” says Bachelorette Brooke.

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton has spoken out following some online comments that were disappointed she chose a male, in Darvid Garayeli, over female runner-up Jamie-Lee Dayz.

Blurton has told Guardian Australia comments were a failure to understand bisexuality.

“[People online] write this horrible comment and you’re like, ‘You have no idea, and you’re just making a snap judgment on our relationship already’,” she says. “It’s just disappointing to see.

“I read a couple of comments and it was like, I think these people just don’t get the meaning of bisexual, which is an attraction to male and female … I just was really frustrated with the level of biphobia that was happening,” Blurton says.

“I really opened myself up this season and showed so much vulnerability in doing it, and I did it bloody proudly. I loved it. And I’m still friggin’ bisexual! Just because I’m with Darvid doesn’t mean my attraction to women just stops.”

“It was pretty disheartening to read [the online comments],” Garayeli adds. “Being such a big groundbreaking TV series, people obviously wanted a certain result … so I get that.”

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  1. The most dissapointing part was the female cast. Some with zero past relationships with a woman/curious and so young. It was not a true representation of Bisexual or Lesbians. They are looks straight. They really failed in my eyes! I knew she would end up with a guy based on the poor casting of females.

  2. It didn’t really bother me whether she ended up with a man or a woman but I was 99% sure she would pick Janie-Lee. I thought she seemed to have the strongest connection with her from the start.

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