Beau Ryan quits I’m a Celebrity

"My kids need their dad," says 10 host as he becomes the 4th ever to quit gruelling reality series.

Last night Beau Ryan quit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, citing the emotion of missing family as too much to bear any longer.

The Amazing Race Australia host is the fourth person to quit the 10 series following Bernard Tomic, Anthony Mundine and Mel Buttle in previous seasons.

“I travel a lot and I work a lot. I remember growing up, there’s a guy that lived two houses down for me and his dad was always away for work and I don’t want to be that Dad. My kids need their dad. My wife needs a husband. And I need to find myself back, at the moment,” he told his camp mates.

“I got voices in my head saying, ‘Don’t be a pussy. Don’t give up. ‘ All these things I’ve been taught since I’ve been young,” he continued.

“I come in here to prove something to myself. I can’t gain anything else from this show. So call it what you like, but my journey is over. I love you guys.

“And I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here…..”

There were reports Ryan was not happy about being paid less than ex-AFL coach Nathan Buckley, which he later denied. It isn’t clear if his appearance fee was part of a 10 network deal, after no season of Amazing Race could be filmed last year.

But his departure kicks off an exit every episode now with 6 cast to be left when the series wraps on air on Sunday January 30.

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  1. I quite liked Beau prior to watching his behaviour on this show, even prior to him leaving. I dont think i will ever watch TAR again given how much i now dislike him.Ten have shown one of their own in a very bad light!

  2. Julia said that once they say the magic words “I’m a Celebrity….” off they go. I often wonder how Casey Donovan got away with saying it a couple of times yet she stayed and ended up winning. I really like her, so nothing against her. Just wondering how she got to stay? No surprise Beau left, I have never been a fan.

  3. What about his charity? How about raising money for that.

    But we know beau struggled big time with the lack of food.

    People saying well he’s away filming TAR but I guess he can still FaceTime his family & talk to them on the phone.

    At least now we don’t have to listen to him complaining about food & it was obviously starting to get on the other contestants nerves

    1. He was lucky to even get one! I don’t recall the likes of Mundine and Tomic getting interviews after walking out.

      Chris and Julia aren’t staying outside the camp 24\7 in case someone decides to walk.

      When someone leaves normally by being eliminated Chris and Julia are there for an exit interview right away but not when people walk out by their own choosing.

  4. What distinguished company he joins now that he can add quitter to his resume.

    I know he’s contracted with TEN but I wonder if he’ll need to cough up whatever he was paid to spend a couple of days in the “jungle”, lucky he was only a few hours from home and not ya’know, in another country.

    1. To admit that you aren’t coping well and need to leave is not “quitting”, it’s being a good role model for young men who all too often bottle up their feelings. I see this as a huge strength from him and I’m glad the majority of coverage is commending him for making this decision and being open about the impact it was having on him emotionally and mentally. Challenging that sports person macho personality the media likes to perpetuate.

      1. There are reasons why I -partly- disagree with you. Men talking about feelings is normally associated with real world rather than a reality TV construct / employment where the premise (indeed the title) suggests can we break you? That’s not to say his feelings weren’t genuine. But Beau has seen entire seasons of the show and agreed to participate so comes from an informed position. The other point we should remember is that the show asks the audience to cheer for their favourites (most years via voting) so where a viewer is surprised that the big burly bloke cracks before the meek country and western singer, both denied food and family, it’s reasonable that they have a response from the couch. I’d say all views, including yours, are valid given this.

      2. To admit you’re not coping well and seeing assistance to get you through a dark moment in your life is commendable. What Beau did was run with his tail between his legs in the dead of night.

        What did he think this show was all about? Cast members being able to use their phones whenever they wanted or having food “snuck” into camp? He knew what he was signing up for and he couldn’t cope. Fine, but let’s not glorify the man for running when he did.

        As I said before, it must be hard to spend a few days in “camp” and then to be contractually paid for it. Must be real tough.

  5. What a great series this has been – so much fun and laughter as well as so many important and revealing conversations. Last year with Abbie and Grant etc was an excellent line up but I think this year may be even better. How long before 10 do an all-star series? They must have over 100 celebs to choose from now!

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