Oops. The Weekly producer’s very exposing Skype call.

ABC confirms production staff copped an eyeful of producer Chris Walker in an "unintentional incident” over Skype.

ABC and production company Thinkative TV (The Weekly, Hard Quiz, Tomorrow Tonight) have confirmed executive producer Chris Walker was seen getting into a shower on a Skype call by production staff.

Walker is currently in the UK with partner Carrie Bickmore and family when he thought he had ended a call to The Weekly staff in Australia on May 17.

The Herald Sun reports the incident was witnessed by up to nine people, lasting between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.

An ABC spokesperson said it was “aware of an unintentional incident” which occurred involving the production team for The Week -but denied other claims of lewd acts.

“The ABC is in regular communication with the relevant team members and are in the process of developing strategies to ensure an incident of this nature does not occur again,” it said in a statement.

“The ABC has a counselling service available to all ABC employees which has been offered in this instance.”

Earlier this year Carrie Bickmore also told Would I Lie to You? she accidentally flashed her son’s friend, when she opened her front door naked.

“We’re a naked family, and I was pregnant at the time,” she explained.

“I opened the door to him, I thought it was my son, I said, ‘what have you forgotten?’, it wasn’t him, it was his friend.”

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