Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022!

Europe wraps its arms around Ukraine in its time of need, winning the glass trophy in Turin.

Ukraine has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Kalush Orchestra won 631 points with their song Stefania – a musical embrace around the beseiged nation during a time of war.

Second place went to United Kingdom and third place to Spain.

Australia’s Sheldon Riley finished #15 with 125 points after another note-perfect performance of “Not the Same.” “Thank you Europe, anything is possible!” he declared. While the juries gave 123 points to Australia, the public just afforded a meagre 2 points, sending Australia out of the Top 10.

But Turin turned on an electric performance hosted by Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika, with SBS comentary by Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst.

Sheldon Riley said: “This has been the most incredible experience of my entire life. It’s all I ever wanted. I got to meet everyone that I’ve watched for years and years. I got to meet Conchita today, which was amazing. I was told for such a long time that this was never going to be possible, so I didn’t care where I placed, as long as I got here and that I got to the Grand Final. My performance was received so well by the room and it means the absolute world. This is everything I could have dreamed of. Eurovision is more than a competition. I don’t think there are many people in the world that have been told so strongly that weren’t able to achieve something and actually went on to do it. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Coming from a country that didn’t get to qualify through to the Grand Final last year, I’ve been able to travel to so many countries through this experience, and fulfilled my Eurovision dream – not many people get to say that. I’m also, very very happy Ukraine won!”

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  1. Ukraine picked up 431 of the 468 televote points available – dropping 37 points is less than 1 per country. Yes, it’s the ulitimate reality TV sob story but their song just got better and better each time you aired it and it was quite heartwarming to see the people of Europe wrapped their arms around Ukraine in this way. Of course too due to the war there are also many Ukrainians spread across Europe, now able to vote for Ukraine too.

    2 points in the vote for Australia was harsh, but then when your jury didn’t give the UK any points either it seemed somewhat deserved.

  2. Friends and I jumped on the Eurovision bandwagon around 2010, because how fun are Eurovision parties right?
    I think the last time I really enjoyed the outcome of Eurovision was the year Loreen won (Sweden) for those who remember.
    It became apparent over the years that it was little about the songs and very political in the way each countries viewers voted.
    I’d fallen off the bandwagon due to the pandemic but didn’t tune in this year as it returned to normal due to the inevitable conclusion that the politics of the time was going to dictate that the obvious winner was going to be Ukraine.
    If Finland joins NATO then I have this terrible feeling Finland will be winning Eurovision in 2023.

    1. It’s normally not as blatant as this result but there are usually other factors in play. The Ukraine entry was good but clearly not in the best 3. The juries got it pretty right IMO, while the public vote was clearly swayed by the current situation. Some huge discrepancies b/w the jury and public vote this time … perhaps it’s time for the public voting to be scrapped.

      1. If Eurovision ever scrapped the public vote they’d lose so many viewers that it wouldn’t be worth having Eurovision anymore.

      2. I disagree, the whole point of Eurovision was to unite neighbours who had been fractured, occupied, and needed to move through trauma – together – the ethos being *never again*. Sure, as a competition event it might not seem balanced – but at its core it’s not a competition event, it’s a unification event. And it succeeds pretty well in that regard, even if who we think should have won didn’t win. It’s a chance to come together disguised as a contest.

  3. It was great that Ukraine won, not on a sympathy vote but on the fact they were a very entertaining act. I get so tired of the ‘oh woe is me, the world has done me bad’ songs all the time. People want entertainment.

    1. There were several ‘entertaining’ up-tempo entries, I just don’t think the Ukraine entry was the best of them. It’s undeniable that the current situation was the biggest factor in the public vote, less of a factor in the jury vote.

  4. David, not to be too pedantic, but Australia (Jess Mauboy) was 20th in 2018. So, the below isn’t right.

    ‘a meagre 2 points, sending Australia out of the Top 10 for the first time.’

  5. Sheldon unfortunately never had much chance when so many of the songs were in a very similar vain. Most were depressing songs about relationships or covid. He didn’t offer anything different. His performance in the final wasn’t as good as the semi final and it was obvious the emotion got to him.
    It should also be remembered he was not the publics choice to represent us!!! The voting at selection was a joke with half the countru not able to vote. Next year scrap the jury and go with just the Australian publics choice!!

  6. I guess Ukraine had to win, it is Europe running this event after all, but the UK could probably feel a bit of angst, as could Sheldon, he should have received more than 2 televotes, and most of the other contestants thought so too.
    I don’t agree that Australia should leave Eurovision if it wants to continue, just look at Germany, they were on zero until the final decisive vote.

  7. Great Eurovision, as always. Wonderfully symbolic victory to Ukraine. BBC will likely to given first right of refusal to host next year. Remarkable result from them at nil points last year to runners up this year. A few things about Australia. we were I think one of only three juries not to give any points to the UK. How a panel of Australian music ‘experts’ watched that show and the UK didn’t land in their collective top 10 is staggering. Second, you’ve got to know when to leave the party – and, it’s time for us to leave the party. The televoters of Europe have made clear for a number of years now we’ve overstayed our welcome. Most importantly well done Sheldon, he lived his dream and congrats to him. I thought he was going to lose it with emotion during his performance this morning, but he smashed it and great to see lots of love from the juries

    1. If Ukraine are unable to stage the event in their country next year my money is on them choosing Poland to host. Poland has been probably Ukraines biggest supporter this year of any country in Europe.

    2. Absolutely agree. The novelty of Australia being in Eurovision is over. It was fun at first, but the European nations have figured out that the addition of Australia to the roster just reduces their chances of making the final. Just two votes from the televote this year,,and we didn’t even make the final in 2020. Time to read the room.

  8. Some good news for Ukraine! Though the prime-time replay broadcast has now been spoilt for me. Thought Sheldon would have finished higher. Dance Monkey singer Tones And I should give Eurovision a go.

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