Queen’s Birthday Honours 2022: Carol Raye, Maeve O’Meara, David Leckie, Matt Moran.

Plus: Shane Warne, Maggie Dence, Donna Hay, Philip Quast, Vika & Linda Bull in annual honours.

Veteran stars, TV foodies and a legendary TV exec are amongst names in today’s Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Pioneering performer producer Carol Raye (The Mavis Bramston Show, Blankety Blanks, Number 96) is honoured for significant service to the performing arts as an actor and producer. Raye joined Channel Seven as a producer in 1964, where she devised The Mavis Bramston Show -a ground-breaking satirical show. After her stint in Number 96 she also became the show’s casting director. Now aged 99, Raye is retired and cared for by her daughter, producer Sally Ayre-Smith.

Another Mavis Bramston regular Maggie Dence, now aged 80, is also honoured for service to the performing arts as an actor. Her other TV credits include Kingswood Country, The Sullivans, Prisoner and Neighbours.

Former Seven and Nine executive, the late David Leckie is honoured for service to the broadcast media through executive roles. Passing away in 2021, his legacy has been recognised by Seven in a David Leckie Seven Scholarship Program. Family will soon host an industry memorial.

TV foodies Maeve O’Meara (Food Safari), Matt Moran (The Great Australian Bake-Off) and Donna Hay (Basics to Brilliance) have all been recognised for food industry achievements.

“It’s joyous and unexpected, like having a beautiful present to be unwrapped,” Maeve O’Meara told TV Tonight after recently learning of the honour.

“It is a great honour and a great shout-out for the reason behind it. Thank god the people of the world came to Australia and made us the incredible, unique, multicultural country that we have. I’ve just been lucky enough to be able to document that through TV and books and all sorts of things over quite a long time now. ”

O’Meara who hosted nine incarnations of Food Safari co-created with Toufic Charabati, is now busy with food tours around Sydney, interstate or overseas. She has also been an ambassador for OzHarvest.

“It’s been great to be part of that, particularly as food is getting more expensive, we are going to be looking at reducing waste and being careful. That kindness that I’ve always thought Australia does really well, is coming to the fore as well…. looking after people who really are doing it really tough. I really love being part of OzHarvest and doing as much as I can for them.”

Matt Moran, who is also an ambassador for OzHarvest, is also an ambassador and advisory to Thankful for Farmers.

“Looking after farmers and appreciating farmers, is one of the reasons why I did Paddock to Plate years ago. It’s all about showcasing those incredible guys who make me look good. If it wasn’t for farmers I wouldn’t look good, because they give me all that incredible produce. I wish they had a few more iceberg lettuces around at the moment!” he told TV Tonight.

Moran, who plans to spend the day motorbike riding and with a quiet dinner said he had heard of his possible nomination some time ago.

“10 days ago, after I got the one that said I’ve got it, I was kind of waiting for the next email for someone to say ‘All we need now is your bank account details!'”

Other noteworthy names include Shane Warne (Nine, FOX Sports), Philip Quast (Play School), Vika & Linda Bull (RocKwiz), Mike Sheahan (FOX Footy’s On the Couch) -and a special mention for legendary playwright Ray Lawler (Summer of the Seventeenth Doll) made an Officer AO in the General Division of the Order of Australia.

Companion AC in the General Division of the Order of Australia:

Mr. John Anderson
For eminent service to rural and regional development, to leadership in international agricultural research and food security, to social commentary, and through contributions to not-for-profit organisations.
SKY News contributor

Member AM in the General Division:

The late David Leckie
For significant service to the broadcast media through executive roles.

Ms. Margaret Helen Dence
For significant service to the performing arts as an actor.

Ms Cristina Pieta Cifuentes
For significant service to economic and energy sector regulation, and to consumer protection.
Associate Member, Australian Communications and Media Authority, 2019-2020.

Mr Matthew Moran
For significant service to the tourism and hospitality industries, and to charitable organisations.

Ms Carol Raye
For significant service to the performing arts as an actor and producer.

The late Ms Christine Josephine Sharp
For significant service to arts administration in a range of roles.
Head of Policy, SBS, 1995-2000. Executive Director, Australian Writers’ Guild, 1993-1995.

Mrs Helen Elizabeth Sjoquist
For significant service to the performing arts, and to youth.
Rock Eisteddfod producer.

Mr Philip Quast
For significant service to the arts as a performer, mentor and educator.

Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order. of Australia

The late Mr Shane Keith Warne
For distinguished service to cricket as a player, role model and commentator, to the community through charitable initiatives, and for philanthropic contributions.
Cricket Commentator, Nine Network, Former Commentator, FOX Sports.

Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division

Ms Linda Rose Bull
For service to the performing arts.

Ms Vika Veiongo Bull,
For service to the performing arts.

Mr Joe Chindamo
For service to music, and to the performing arts.
Musical Director, ‘Coast To Coast’, and composed the theme.

Mr Ian James Cover
For service to the community through a range of roles.
Former Host, Footy Focus, Optus-TV.

Mr Terence Roland Gallaway
For service to the broadcast news media.
Chief Sub-Editor, SKY News 1999-2021, Senior Producer, 1997-1999.

Ms Donna Hay
For service to the food and hospitality sector as a cook and author.

Ms Maeve Catherine O’Meara
For service to the food media industry.

Ms Dorothy West
For service to first nations media and communications.
Non-Executive Director, since 2012 SBS. Former Inaugural Vice-Chair, NITV. Member Industry Advisory Group, 2017-2021 Screenwest.

Ms Anna Senior
For service to the visual arts through costume design.
Costume Designer, Australian film and television industry, 45 years. Former Lecturer and Advisor on Costume, National Film and Sound Archives.

Mr Michael Joseph Sheahan
For service to sports journalism.

Mr Russell James Thomter
For service to the visual arts, particularly to photography.
Guest Photographer and Judge, America’s Next Top Model and Australia’s Next Top Model television shows.


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  1. Mrs Helen Elizabeth Sjoquist…well pleased to see this one…
    And I am with Maeve…Love that we have so many food choices…I grew up on English food …meat and three veg basically…now a cornucopia of choices…viva multicultural….👌💚

  2. Thanks for this, David. I did not know that Carol Raye was honoured, nor that she was 99. A lovely presence from my youth. An elegant and funny woman. And great to see the mighty Maggie Dence among the list too. I was looking to see if Vika Bull was mentioned too, as her sister Linda was this year; and scratching a little deeper, they were both honoured this year.

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