30 years since The Late Show

It's been 3 decades since killer sketch comedy from these infinitely talented creatives.

Today marks 30 years since The Late Show first went to air on ABC.

The live sketch / satire featured Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Judith Lucy, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy, Rob Sitch and Jason Stephens -many of whom had featured in The D-Generation – and all of whom are still working decades later.

It ran for 40 episodes over two seasons and lives on in YouTube hilarity.

Jane Kennedy reflected on the show this morning on Studio 10 and tweeted, “30 years since The Late Show went to air on ‘our’ ABC. Mostly a blur. I do want to thank @TLSChampagne for continuing the love over all these years. I’m quietly reflecting tonight. Was a crazy time in my life. Let’s drink🍹🥂🍸#thelateshow”

Given all the nostalgic reunions and specials of late, where is The Late Show reunion, please? I also reckon Working Dog should be in the Hall of Fame -but whaddo I know?

ps. It’s also Shaun Micallef’s 60th birthday today, meaning he turned 30 the night they went to air! Happy happy!

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  1. I used to listen to the D_Gen each morning on the way too work. Jane Kennedy originally read the news before becoming part of the team. I think their radio show pre-dated the Late show. I’d love to see Funky Squad again.

  2. Despite not having looked up any Late Show clips since it wrapped, Shitscared, Bargearse, Charlie the Wonder Dog and Graham & The Colonel are forever etched in my memory.

    1. yep, 30 years and only a best of vhs, maybe a dvd & that’s it! apart from um ‘alternative’ ways of viewing it, in very shoddy quality too, we have no way to enjoy this classic show. It was the catalyst for so many great shows since, Frontline, the Panel, TGYH, HYBPA etc. Actually D Generation came before Late Show so they could reair those too.

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