Gallery: Kath & Kim house is finally demolished

"Chateau Kath" in Fountain Lakes is no more...


A derelict block of land is all that remains of the famed Fountain Lakes house that was once home to Kath & Kim.

The home was recently demolished in its entirety by Dig Dig Construction in 4 Lagoon Place, Patterson Lakes.

The good room, the backyard for wine time and the kitchen with the dodgy door are no more.

The series, still popular in reruns, streaming and YouTube, including with British fans, recently marked its 20th anniversary.

There are rumours Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski & co. could return in some form but it isn’t clear if that would be a full revival or some kind of nostalgic special given recent successes by Friends and Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

But for now the original home is but a memory, for those who have laughed along to Kath Day-Knight, Kel, Kim, Sharon and Brett.

You can see earlier demolition photos, and final interior shots, here.



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  1. I’m sitting here looking at those photos and just shaking my head thinking what sort of person would do that. It’s the same as someone buying a painting well loved by the public and then setting it on fire, just because they can.

  2. Sad not just because it was the Kath and Kim house but because it was a relatively new house being destroyed. I suppose it’s all about greed, they probably wanted to knock it down so they can build a whole stack of apartments on there to sell.

    1. Unless the houses are heritage listed, pretty sure it can. Maybe not all of them, but nothing to stop the owners now from making major renovations or even demolishing and rebuilding.

      1. i would think so too as they’re privately owned homes. Owners might do very well out of if they can get a Neighbours superfan to buy as is though.

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