60 Minutes: Aug 7

The death of a mother and unborn child in a private hospital, plus cryptocurrency leads to the FBI wanted list.

This Sunday, 60 Minutes looks into the death of a mother and unborn child in a private Melbourne hospital, plus a cryptocurrency conference leads to the FBI wanted list.

Dying for Help
When it comes to hospital care, many Australians believe going “private” easily beats going “public”. But now it might be time to think again. In a 60 Minutes special report, the Today show’s Christine Ahern investigates the tragic case of 37-year-old Annie Moylan. She was 18 weeks pregnant with her second child when she developed a fever and went to the emergency department of a private hospital in Melbourne for treatment. The hospital was brand new, so she thought she’d receive the best care. But the series of terrible mistakes and failures that happened next was appalling. Annie didn’t get better – she and her unborn child died.
Reporter: Christine Ahern
Producer: Thea Dikeos

No Man’s Land
Unassuming and easygoing, it’s hard to believe how Chris Emms has managed to wedge himself into so much trouble. He is stuck in a bizarre no man’s land, caught in the middle of a dangerous and frightening power play between enemies North Korea and the United States. As Tom Steinfort reports, the saga started innocently enough when Chris was invited to the rogue nation for a cryptocurrency conference. A bit of a geek, he thought it would be fun, but the Americans got wind of his visit and decided there was evil in the adventure. He is now wanted by the FBI, accused of being the criminal mastermind of a scheme to circumvent international sanctions. Chris’s great fear is that if prosecuted, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producer: Garry McNab

8:45pm Sunday on Nine.

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