Bernard Curry busy with ABC shows

Former Wentworth star has two upcoming dramas, aimed at very different audiences.

Former Wentworth star Bernard Curry, who last surprised fans by appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, has been busy filming two ABC dramas.

In September he features in mystery drama, Savage River starring Katherine Langford.

“I play the town pharmacist, his father is the local cop. I have scenes with Robert Grubb and Leah Vandenburg but it was a real, ensemble cast. A great project to be involved in,” he said.

“And then at the same time I was actually shooting something which is coming up later in the year on ABC Me called Crazy Fun Park. It’s going to be an amazing project that’s really kind of centered towards tweens and teens.”

Curry keeps Wentworth addicts happy with recent apperances at fan events in the USA.

“I was just over in Jersey a couple of weeks ago and before that in April, I went to Chicago. It was unreal. Those fan events are amazing because it’s really all about engaging with the fans and and I feel as though it’s incumbent upon us to give back to the fans,” he said.

“There’s another Wentworth Con coming up in Melbourne in September.”

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